Creativity and change management

G2S Conseils is a consulting, training and coaching firm for professionals and organizations undergoing transformations. Whether it be an evolution of the profession, the identity, or the business model, each change is managed in the light of the culture of the physical or moral person who leads it.

G2S Conseils allows its clients to progress towards what makes them unique in their professional world or market:

  • by short and targeted interventions focused on the production of collective responses to ecosystem changes (seminars, ad hoc training, collaborative workshops, creative meetings)
  • longer-term support for transformation (individual, team or organizational coaching). The dual competence of development and organization makes G2S Conseils a privileged partner of leaders in search of a fair, rewarding and shared ambition within their organization.


Since 2008, our firm has been developing an original approach to transformation, combining the gains of transactional analysis, systemic analysis and neuroscience.

The tools are chosen in relation to the questions to be addressed and with the permanent quest to access unique answers related to the situation, the people and groups which they concern. Creativity is therefore at the heart of our proposals.

The development of this method with entities of all sizes and cultures allows us today to assert that its essential virtue is to (re) connect individuals and organizations to their internal and external resources, so they can take their rightful place in their ecosystem.

Therefor, the brand G & S resourcing will bring to the firm’s clients in France and beyond the positive message that drives us



“Unlocking the threads of complexity to find the deep meaning of being and acting is my contribution to life in all its dimensions.

I am convinced that at work, individuals, as well as groups, have strong internal resources and are able to make an alliance with their environment so as to take their place in this changing society.

It’s all about (re) connecting to our power to act and succeed.

After 17 years developing company positioning and strategy, I have chosen to support the permanent movement of organizations, so that it can become a rich and meaningful path of achievement for the women and men I meet.”


Development and organization

Permanent changes in the ecosystem are calling into question the long-term development of organizations.

Keeping on track or changing course according to facts and reality, requires the agility, humility and responsiveness of leaders. Advising them in developing the organizational diagnosis with their team so as to make engaging decisions is one of our main missions. We support them to develop the appropriate attitude to enable managers to communicate on the diagnosis and to produce adapted responses with their teams.

Driven by a clear strategic ambition and a committed hierarchical approach, the organization can then develop, expressing its real and unique contribution to the market.

Creativity and transformation

Transformation requires challenging one’s professional routines. It is a question of considering, individually or collectively, other ways of working, other more appropriate professional approaches.

Developing this organisational plasticity involves the implementation of structured yet light processes of finetuned listening to the market, tapping into internal resources held consciously (information) or not (intuition) by employees (workshops, creative meetings, …).

Our interventions allow the emergence of new ideas or working methods required for the transformation of the teams that will own them.

Owners of these new working arrangements, they develop the confidence, the openness and the capability for dialogue necessary to negotiate means, methods of action and results with the organization’s partners (customers, suppliers, users, …)

Leadership and identity

Positioning and differentiating yourself, taking your place in the organization or on your market are crucial issues for individuals and organizations alike. The alignment of people and structures between what they are deeply, their contribution to the world around them and the way they embody their social and professional role is one of the issues dealt with in individual, collective or organizational coaching.

Taking stock of your internal resources and way of interacting with the world is a powerful exercise to clarify your position and develop quality links with your environment.

Autonomy and cooperation

If creativity requires knowledge and personal experience of the subject in question, the complexity of problems to be solved today requires multidisciplinarity.

The management of professional interfaces between the different business lines of the organization or between the organization and its stakeholders is therefore a major issue on which we intervene.

Different ways of working are today in question, with regard to the mobility of individuals, societal or generational expectations or technologies. We intervene to allow the clarification of the professional framework, to help individuals develop their path to autonomy and to enable cooperation to occur at organizational level.

Repositioning individuals and / or groups at the heart of the working process means that they can devote their energy to fully embody their role.